Just when you thought white virtue-signalers could not abase themselves more

Since the Black Lives Matter cult took to the streets, what's kept most people riveted to their television screens and computer monitors is footage showing the looting and violence that BLM, with help from its Antifa friends, has brought to Democrat cities across America.  People have also been horrified by the brutal attacks on police, which have killed several and left others fighting for their lives.

Lately, though, other images have been cropping up showing woke white people engaging in ritual self-abasement to atone for their horrible racist sins.  Thinking about it, they should atone.  It's these woke white people who advanced the leftist policies that left too many American blacks broken.

Democrats pushed welfare, which made fathers superfluous because their presence in a household decreased those welfare benefits.  Men without meaning too often turn to crime.  Their criminal activity, when combined with all the "tough on crime" initiatives Joe Biden pushed, decimated black communities.

In addition to fiscal and criminal initiatives that harmed blacks, the same woke whites did something even worse: they denied blacks agency.  All other people who have come to America and faced poverty and racism have buckled down and bested the system through education and hard work.  Some fell by the wayside, but most managed to leap into the middle class.

The blacks were making that same journey after World War II as systemic barriers against them slowly fell.  They should all have joined the middle-class trajectory with the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which made it a federal crime to discriminate against them.  Instead, white liberals told blacks that everything that was wrong with them, whether collectively or individually, was the fault of whites.

Suddenly, blacks were no longer responsible for themselves.  Every failure, every disappointment, every criminal act, every bit of bad luck...it was all white people's fault.  You didn't have to work harder, re-examine your assumptions, do well in school, get a job, get married, have children, stay married, avoid criminal behavior, or anything else.  All you had to do was blame white people.  Your situation didn't improve, but you didn't have to carry around any sense of guilt about poor choices or make any efforts towards improving your lot.

Teaching people to think this way is insanely cruel.  Every white person who ever advanced this ideology of non-responsibility should abase himself before blacks for destroying the culture's ability to progress.

Having said that, the most recent acts of white woke abasement calls for more eyeball bleach than is to be found in all of North America.  Take this scene, for example:

The Daily Mail gives some background:

White police officers and community members gathered to wash the feet of black faith leaders in North Carolina, echoing the Biblical story of how Jesus washed his disciples' feet.

People of faith gathered for a unity march in Cary on Saturday, braving the summer heat to protest the brutal police killing of George Floyd and demand an end to racism.

Members of the Legacy Church Center, led by co-pastors Faith Wokoma and her husband Soboma, helped organize the unity prayer walk, where people gathered, observed eight minutes and 46 seconds of silence to mark how long a white cop had his knee on Floyd's neck in killing him, and prayed for the country.

As a part of the event there was a 'Washing of the Feet' ceremony where at least three white law enforcement officers and three other white attendees washed the feet of pastors Faith and Soboma Wokoma.

This is not about Christian humility; this is about training people to be subordinate in a free nation.  It is the reinstitution of cult-like slavery utterly at odds with our Constitution.

If you have extra eyeball bleach on hand, check out Webster, Massachusetts police chief Michael Shaw, wearing his little "blue lives matter" Wuhan Virus facemask, lying on the ground pretending to be George Floyd:

What we're watching play out in America is a bizarre passion play with a felonious, drug-using ex-con elevated to the status of Jesus Christ.

Leftist whites are truly guilty of hurting blacks, having successfully killed their culture with misplaced, paternalistic, demeaning "kindness."  Nevertheless, what's happening now is not the way to fix the situation.  This is the way to destroy our nation more surely than the bloody, violent Civil War in the 1860s ever did.

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