It's tough trying to keep track of the crazy emanating from Democrats

I regularly read the internet looking for stories and opinions to be the starting point for articles.  On Thursday, I searched for just one or two stories for posts.  Instead, I found myself saying, "The Democrats have gone crazy.  There is no one story.  Thanks to Black Lives Matter, they've gone around the bend, and they're trying to take America with them."

I realized that those endless crazy moments are the "one" story because they show how the Democrat party is breaking with American norms and embracing cultural mass hysteria.  This post collects just some of those moments.

Remember those "nooses" in the park in Oakland, California?  The mayor of Oakland (the same woman who warned criminal illegal aliens that ICE was coming for them) stated that these nooses were hate crimes:

In fact, the "nooses" were exercise ropes with hand grips.  A black man put them up so he and his friends could do strength training in the park.

The town of Carmel, California, filed criminal charges against a restaurant for allowing sit-down, in-house dining in May.  The restaurant was able to negotiate a $35,000 fine instead.  The owner, Jeffrey LeTowt, contends that he did nothing wrong, adding, "More people die from the flu every year.  Definitely not something you shut down the world's 5th largest economy for."

At a restaurant in Swampscott, Massachusetts, a bartender eavesdropped intermittently on a table at which a member of the town's Select Board sat.  The bartender allegedly heard the Board member say there is no such thing as "white privilege" and the Black Lives Matter movement is "liberal b-------."  The bartender was so "distraught" that he naturally posted about it.  The restaurant first fired the bartender but then backed down in the face of mob outrage.  It offered to hire him again and banned the Board member from the restaurant.  The Board member denies the statements.

The movie Forrest Gump is in the woke mob's crosshairs because it's hostile to protesters and the counterculture.  Worse, the lovable Gump, who doesn't have a racist bone in his body, was named after Nathan Bedford Forrest, the first grand wizard of the Ku Klux Klan.  Artistic irony is not something that works on the left.

For another example of the left's humor deficit, President Trump retweeted an adorable Carpe Donktum video riffing off a viral video from last September showing two toddlers, one black and one white, embracing each other before running off to play.  You can easily see how Carpe Donktum played with the video.  He's not secretly manipulating anything:


Twitter's police, unable to understand humor, slapped a "manipulated media" warning on the video.  This is what four (or six or seven) years in an American college does to people's brains.

The CEO of Chick-fil-A says white people need to polish black people's shoes to show a sense of shame and racism — and he's bought shoe polish brushes for his Chick-fil-A employees:

I stopped eating at Chick-fil-A when we learned that it handed its multi-million-dollar foundation to an uber-leftist.  Founder S. Truett Cathy was a conservative, but it's beginning to look as if Chick-fil-A's "closed on Sunday" rule is a marketing scam to hide from the public the company's leftward tilt.

Antifa uses an inverted red triangle in its iconography.  That's why the Trump team used an inverted red triangle in an ad attacking Antifa.  Facebook took the ad down because the Nazis used red triangles on prisoners.

The logic is that because the Nazis used triangles, Trump is a Nazi.  This flawed syllogism may explain the Democrats' hostility to Israel: Israel's symbol is a Star of David; the Nazis made people wear Stars of David; therefore, Israel is a Nazi country.  I wonder how many vegetarians on the left know that Hitler was a vegetarian...

Garrett Rolfe was the police officer who shot and killed Rayshard Brooks after Brooks attacked Rolfe and his partner, stole a taser, and then fired the taser at Rolfe.  Naturally, Equity Prime Mortgage in Atlanta, Georgia had to fire Rolfe's stepmother from her job.  It's a common totalitarian tactic to destroy an entire family if one member runs afoul of the regime.

Nancy Pelosi ordered the removal of four portraits of 19th-century Democrat speakers of the House.  Did I mention that they all served in the Confederacy?  James Woods asked why she stopped with the 19th century:

This is just a small sampling of one day's worth of stories.  The left has gone mad.  If we're to save America from heading down a totalitarian path, America's silent majority needs to stand up to cancel culture and the woke mob.

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