It takes an African black to understand what Black Lives Matter really is

Nestride Yumga is an American citizen who originally comes from Africa. She’s also an extraordinarily brave woman. On Sunday, after one of the worst nights of rioting in modern American history, Yumga, who lives in Washington, D.C., decided to see the protests/riots for herself.

Contrary to what we’ve been told to expect from a black woman, though, Yumga did not go to support the protest. Instead, she wanted the Black Lives Matter crowd to know that she thinks they’re all a bunch of phonies and hypocrites. As Yumga sees it, they don’t care at all about black lives because they ignore the way blacks routinely mow each other down in Chicago. 

Yumga believes that, by ignoring black-on-black crime, the BLM members are the racists/ In other words, BLM and its fellow travelers are opportunists trying to force victimhood on people to score political points. Last week, though, there was only one victim, according to Yumga: “No one is a victim here [at the BLM rally]. The only victim here is George Floyd.”

Aside from Yumga’s clarity and courage, there are a couple of perfect moments in the video that sum up who’s driving this train. At 1:13, you hear a woman’s voice say, “Just leave.” As Yumga replies, “You leave,” the camera swings to the woman who spoke those words . . . and it’s a Karen!

Yes, there she is, a white woman with a mask hanging uselessly under her nose and her cute little girl in her arms. Her response to a black woman’s outrage at people who ignore the genuine black carnage in America? “I’m present,” says Karen. “You leave.”

To make things even sillier, she’s not the only Karen to face off against Yumga. At 2:51, another Karen, either white or Asian, also attacks Yumga. “You’re not here to fight injustice. You’re here to cause drama.” When Yumga says that she’s not oppressed but is, instead, free, Ms. Karen shrilly scolds her. “That’s good for you. That’s an individual person. What about a systemic issue?”

You can bet your bottom dollar that Karen 1 and her clone, Karen 2, are both college graduates. That’s where they learn that Karen tone and the Karen stupidity that makes them think they know more about the black experience than blacks do.

Eventually, the crowd of white and black people start calling Yumga a race traitor, while Karen 2 also insists that Yumga leave. She is, after all, interrupting the narrative.

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