In the maddened leftist world, it’s women who are taking the lead

We’ve all been watching, stupefied, as increasing numbers of men insist that they are, in fact, women. Theories range from hormonal imbalances due to women taking the Pill before pregnancy, to missing fathers, to leftist social and cultural indoctrination. Watching the escalating madness from the American left, though, it is starting to look as if men want to be women because women on the left have all the power (a theory I advance with no small degree of sarcasm). In a must-read post, Monica Showalter described the way in which white leftists are taking over the Black Lives Matter movement: According to a new study from Pew Research, blacks are far from the top racial minority group involved in these protests.  [snip] Wow. Only one in six protestors is actually black, and based on the photos seen of anti-racism protests, it's a lot less than that, except of course, if they've put blacks at the back of the line or something. But in reality, it sounds...(Read Full Post)
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