For white leftists, Black Lives Matter is the new ‘white man’s burden’

In 1899, Rudyard Kipling, the quintessential white colonialist, wrote a poem (or more accurately, a polemic) entitled “The White Man’s Burden: The United States and the Philippine Islands.” In it, he exhorted Americans to take up the white man’s burden to help lead the primitive people of the Philippines into the light. It won’t be fun, and the “natives” won’t be grateful, but it’s the morally right thing to do, intones Kipling in high flown language. Modern white leftists are proving to be colonialists of a different sort because they’re taking up the new white man’s burden: They are the new soldiers of the Black Lives Movement. They enthusiastically carry signs and walk in marches to save blacks from the systemic oppression visited upon them by all those “other” whites, the ones whom Susan Rice, currently in the running to be Bide’s Veep and now echoing Trotsky, would consign to the...(Read Full Post)
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