Flynn targeted for destruction because he wanted to investigate Brennan's 'off the books' billions of dollars at CIA?

Sidney Powell, the tenacious lawyer who corrected the judicial abuse of her client, General Michael Flynn, is reminding us that she and her client believe he was originally targeted for destruction because he was aiming to investigate what he believes was serious corruption at the CIA under its director, John Brennan.  Via Lifezette:

Sidney Powell, attorney for retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, said her client, in his duties as the White House national security adviser, was prepared to "audit" the U.S. intelligence community.

That, according to the former federal prosecutor, is partly why federal agents "set up" Flynn.

Powell, who took over Flynn's defense last summer, told the "Vickie McKenna Show" on 1310 WIBA Madison that her client was "totally set up" because he threatened to expose wrongdoing by top intelligence officials in the Obama administration.

"He was going to audit the intel agencies because he knew about the billions Brennan and company were running off the books," Powell said, referring to former CIA Director John Brennan.

I have no specific information about these suspicions, but the secrecy necessary for intelligence and counter-intelligence work, when combined with the practice of employing outside contractors for classified work, opens the door to potential financial corruption, simply because secrecy can block auditors from effective investigation and action.  Sidney Powell has tremendous credibility, and she would not be mentioning this if there were not a factual and evidentiary basis, in my opinion.

I highly recommend the memoir of a retired CIA covert agent (and AT contributor) Ishmael Jones, The Human Factor: Inside the CIA's Dysfunctional Intelligence Culture, in which the author discusses the open door for corruption there.  It is a riveting book that, more than anything else I have read, explains the multidimensional failures of the CIA.

Brennan, it should be noted, served as president of a major CIA contractor:

[T]he company that first developed the electronic watch lists for the government, and would have been directly involved in the Detroit fiasco [the shoe bomber's failed attempt to bring down a jumbo jet]: The Analysis Corporation (TAC).

TAC is the intelligence contractor Brennan headed from 2005 to 2009 before joining the Obama administration. By that time, it was a key player in a global monitoring system that included the TSA, the State Department, and the CIA's Counterterrorism Center. And last week [Oct 2015] the Corporation was back in the news after Wikileaks released a CIA report on the company as part of a larger dump of emails uncovered by a high school student who hacked into Brennan's personal AOL account.

The report on TAC, which is posted here, concerns a CIA contract that Brennan's company bid for but lost in 2007 while he was still its CEO. It underscores that Brennan would have known far more about TAC's potential role in the Detroit incident than he let on in public. But, more surprisingly, it shows that the CIA's contracting office thought that TAC was technically inept, intellectually dishonest, and heavily reliant on a handful of former officials — such as Brennan and his former boss, George Tenet — to get its way in the high stakes world of intelligence contracting.

Essentially, CIA officials concluded that Brennan and other former CIA officials working for TAC and its subcontractors provided "insider information" to their procurement office. That could be a violation of federal contracting rules that, according to legal experts and contracting laws, forbid "unauthorized disclosures" of such information prior to a contract award by individuals who "have worked for, acted on behalf of, or advised the Government."

Whatever the facts turn out to be, a serious investigation is warranted, as soon as General Flynn produces an evidentiary basis.

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