First, Confederate statues. Now, statues of founders. Next, Jesus. Their real target: America

To overthrow a free society from within, its citizenry must be brainwashed to reject its traditional principles, values, and institutions.  Acting in support of the century-long progressive dream of turning America into a socialist-communist nation, Marxists in our midst are systematically destroying treasured symbols of America's heritage.  A tiny slice of what's been happening: ● Vandals tear down statues of Union general Ulysses S. Grant, national anthem lyricist Francis Scott Key. ● Watch: Statue of George Washington draped in burning American flag toppled by cheering protesters. ● Baltimore statue of Washington defaced with red paint, graffiti saying “Destroy Racists.” ● Museum of Natural History announces removal of statue of former U.S. president, Theodore Roosevelt. ● BLM rioters attempt to topple statue of former U.S. president, Andrew Jackson, located near White House. ● “I pledge allegiance to our...(Read Full Post)
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