Everything is bad and we are beyond redemption: The left reeks of 'downerism'

It should be abundantly clear by now that what characterizes our left is negativity, pessimism, and a general belief that everything is awful, really, really awful — all the time.  America was awful as founded and is awful to this day.  In their mind, this country is a terrible place, racist and marred by relentless and toxic inequality.  Nearly all of our academics, those self-appointed elites who deign to tell our children how and what to think about their country, have spent nearly three decades telling students that they are guilty, guilty, guilty of all manner of crimes against humanity, very especially if they were born white, God forbid. If poeple are born white, they are beyond guilty of a crime against humanity.  They are responsible for the oppression of others.  The tyranny of multiculturalism took over academia in the late 1970s, when the anti-Americans of the 1960s became tenured...(Read Full Post)
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