Drum roll, please: The big anti-Trump GOP PAC roll-out features...Anthony Scaramucci?

For weeks, we have been hearing about this high-powered, big-dollar NeverTrump political action committee (PAC) to roll out, one composed of former Bush administration officials, one sure to spell doom for President Trump.  No names or anything, just tremendous building power with political powerhouses all over.

Well, now the cymbals have clashed — the big rollout is happening.  Axios has the scoop.

A group of prominent Republican operatives that includes former officials from the Trump and George W. Bush administrations are launching a super PAC to turn out GOP voters for Joe Biden in November, organizers tell Axios.

Details: The "Right Side PAC" aims to identify former Trump supporters across the country who have cooled to the president's approach in office and convince them to vote for Biden, says founder Matt Borges, a former chairman of the Ohio Republican Party.

  • Anthony Scaramucci, who was fired after 10 days as Trump's communications director and later turned on the president, also is part of the effort.

They lost me at Scaramucci.

Seriously, Scaramucci, the over-confident little clown who lasted all of two days as White House communications director because of his bullying tactics and phenomenal toilet mouth, trusting the press to keep his cuss words out of publication?  He learned the hard way about that erroneous assumption.  Now we're supposed to follow him to the gates of Joe Biden?  Based on all that "influencer" power he supposedly has?

That's all they have?

This is the same dolt who had that bizarre baby daddy trouble, skipping his son's birth to go to a Boy Scout fundraiser with President Trump and whose marriage, very publicly, fell apart.

This is a peon who can't even hold his life together.

Is Scaramucci really the guy voters will rally around as the big "return to normal" alternative to President Trump?

He's an embittered little man whose natural allies are George Conway, the classless creep who constantly embarrasses his wife, Kellyanne Conway, with his anti-Trump diatribes and disgustingly fails to support her string of accomplishments, and failed Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol, who lost his magazine based on trashing the views of his readers.  They are all in this mission together, with Conway having his own PAC and Scaramucci his.  According to this March 2020 piece that ran in the New Yorker:

This was also Longwell's theory about 2020, and the reason for her focus groups. She didn't need to convert every Republican in the room, just a few of them. Longwell planned to assemble a database of disaffected Republicans and give them "permission structures" to vote for a Democrat. She already knew who they were: the audience of her Never Trump groups; the readers of the Bulwark, which receives about two million unique visitors a month and has had eleven million downloads of its podcast in the past year; and the more than three hundred thousand people who had signed petitions circulated by Republicans for the Rule of Law.

Amazing how cozy they are.  The bottom line, though, is that these are all bitter has-beens, backwashes who one way or another didn't make it, failures.  To think voters will swap them for their hole-in-one choice in President Trump is just a little underwhelming.  But here we are, with the media touting a big new existential threat to the Trump re-election campaign.  That's all they have, too.

Caricature by DonkeyHotey via Flickr.