Big-city mayors don't want to end the chaos

  Those who followed President Trump's tweets on Sunday may have seen an astounding video of nine or ten police cars, mostly SUVs, most of them in a single-file, convoy arrangement, abandoned on a wide street in what looks to be a low-rise, "hip" shopping and microbrewery-oriented section of Los Angeles County.  The cars were all spray-painted; most had their windows broken and tires slashed.  There was no evidence of a fight — no discarded police equipment and little trash or debris other than broken car window glass.  The strong impression is that the vehicle occupants had left peaceably on foot before the vandals even showed up.  A reasonable conclusion is that the police — sensing an absence of a clear mandate to truly deal with the problem at hand, and a dearth of support from their elected civilian leadership — simply gave up the ghost, like the dejected German tankers running out of fuel and...(Read Full Post)
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