Do Black Lives Matter?

Do black lives matter?  I think the honest answer to that question is — it depends.

On the left, black lives matter only when there is a leftist political agenda to be advanced.  Where the leftist political agenda is already well established, black lives do not matter.

How many black lives are destroyed in the wombs of their mothers?  We've seen the video of the brutal treatment which took the life of George Floyd.  Almost as if on cue, the whole world erupted into paroxysms of rage and destruction.  But have you ever seen a video of what is done to black children in the wombs of their mothers?  A cold steel tube is inserted into the back of their little skulls so their brains can be vacuumed out.  Then they are torn limb from limb, piece by piece from the womb and deposited in bags to be disposed of.  Are these killings of black children perpetrated by the police?  No, this taking of black lives is perpetrated by doctors.  We're told ad nauseam that we must yield to science.  Scientists, they would have us infer, are paragons of moral rectitude; apolitical, unswayed by money, or power, or ideology, or politics, or the applause of the world.  Follow the science, they say.  But doctors who perform the abortions of so many black children are members of the scientific community.  They're killing black kids.  Isn't this evidence of institutional racism in the scientific community?  To all those in our country who stand for and advocate and defend abortion on demand, black lives really don't matter.  Do they?

Are we talking about defunding doctors?  Is Oprah planning a national town hall meeting for all those little black children who never saw the light of day?  Where is the Reverend Al Sharpton on this?  Where are all the grandstanding politicians?  Where is LeBron James?  Where is Joe Biden?

And then there are all the black children who were fortunate enough to make it past the armies of the abortion industry but were unfortunate enough to have been born in cities that have been governed almost exclusively by Democrats for decades.  The blood of many of those black children literally flows in the streets of Chicago, New York, Newark, East St. Louis, and many other cities across the nation.  And who is shedding the blood of these black children?  Is it the police?  No.  Black lives really do matter to the police.  No, it isn't the police who are shedding the blood of black children.  It is mostly other black children who are murdering them.  The political machines that run those cities pay lip service to the black carnage in their streets.  But nothing substantive has changed for generations because, for them, nothing has to change.  Their positions of power and authority, their livelihoods, their political agendas, are safe.  The left seeks the fundamental transformation of America.  But in leftist cities, there is no need for change.

Are we talking about defunding death trap cities where black lives clearly don't matter?  Of course not.  We're talking about only defunding the police.  Remember just a few years back, when police were running up the stairs of the World Trade Center, trying to save people when everyone else was running down the stairs?  Could it be pointed out without incurring the wrath of the politically correct that, to those police, many of whom perished that day, all lives mattered?

And yet, here we are today talking seriously about defunding those same police.  We're not going to defund the abortion industry.  We're not going to defund Democrat-run cities.  We're going to defund the police.

Do black lives matter?  That depends.  To the vast majority of ordinary moral people, black lives matter.  To the vast majority of ordinary moral people, all lives matter.  But to the ideological left, which is bent on setting the nation on fire and using race as kindling, black lives don't matter unless there is a leftist political agenda to be advanced.  That is the truth.