Dirty prosecutor Kamala Harris rages with fake righteousness at Trump for bringing up George Floyd

California's Kamala Harris, the dirtiest of dirty blue city prosecutors before she slept her way into politics and then bit and clawed her way into the Senate, is shrieking about President Trump's unity message on the death of George Floyd:



Which coming from her, is disgusting in the extreme.

The 'out of your mouth' reference is graphic and repellant, not just for its visual picture, but because of its redolence of prison lingo. The only place I've ever heard that kind of language is from that social set.

More important, let's take a look at Harris's record, starting with the litany cited by former presidential candidate Rep. Tulsi Gabbard at last August's Democratic presidential nominating debate.

  • Threw 1,500 people in jail for marijuana violations, while giggling and laughing on Charlamagne Tha God's radio show that she partook in the weed quite a bit herself.
  • Blocked evidence that would have freed an innocent man from death row, until courts forced her to do it.
  • Kept people in prison beyond their terms in order to use their cheap labor to fight California wildfires.

That knocked Harris from her pedestal, and pretty well put paid to any presidential hopes, even among Democrats.

But there was more than just Tulsi's list - here's probably the dirtiest example from her blue-city record:

She covered for dirty prosecutors, caught in the act of falsifying evidence, and carried out prosecutions with full knowledge of the fake evidence, hurling it as a weapon against some poor soul who had no idea that Harris's dishonest thumb was on the scale of justice at the time.

This is a foul, dirty prosecutor, both in her position as district attorney of San Francisco, and later in her position as attorney general of California. 

The bad cop who crushed the neck of George Floyd was able to flourish in the Minneapolis police system, despite 18 complaints against him over 15 years, precisely because there were blue city prosecutors willing to cover for him. They must have operated as Harris did - corrupt, dirty, and willing to cover for the establishment. Dirty prosecutors like Harris are why dirty cops like Derek Chauvin were able to operate with impunity in their blue city bubble, until they killed someone.

For Harris to be yelling this is the epitome of hypocrisy, given her record of dishonesty and corruption. To be yelling about Trump with a record like that - when she ought to be in jail right next to the dirty cop who killed Floyd - is incredible. It's probably a bid to draw attention from her own bad record in these one-party blue-city justice systems. During Harris's presidential election campaign, she said she wanted to be the 'prosecutor president.'

Now the Washington Post is touting her as Joe Biden's best, top-ranked choice for running mate. There's little doubt that as Harris employs the prison lingo and seeks to pander to black voters (who know very well that her black-accented speech cadence is as fake as Hillary Clinton's), she's running for Joe Biden's vice presidential slot.

Just say no to this tainted, corrupt prosecutor with ambitions of being Joe's number two. 


Image credit: CNN, via YouTube, screen shot

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