Democrats picking the scab of racism

They're picking the scab of racism with dirty hands and introducing infection.  It's resistant to treatment at the moment.  I could prescribe a treatment, but I wouldn't survive that.  I imagine that this may be how fascist states originate.  You don't want fascism?  Stop misbehaving!  You're annoying people.  Good people.  People who would like to be able to be nice to you.

Why does nobody remark on how much better it's gotten in the last 70 years?  I mean, nobody except Tom Sowell and Walter Williams and Shelby Steele...and all the jazz musicians...and all the black businessmen (persons?) and politicians...well, OK, not the politicians.  They couldn't pronounce the words.

And if you use the same criteria and don't move the goalposts, how much better in the last 30?

Unfortunately, if you count the microaggressions and the takings of offense where none is intended, it can only change asymptotically, and that for the worse.

Expecting the human species to suddenly uninherit tribalism — note: not racism, a subset — is irrational,  fantastical, counterproductive, and destructive.  There are no primate species I know of that are not tribal.  And hierarchical.  As Peterson points out, lobsters are hierarchical.

Listen to George Carlin, please, about growing up in the Bronx and acting and talking black because it was cool.  I grew up in NYC, and I adopted the walk, because it gave me a little more space on the sidewalk.  I heard black musicians complain about not getting gigs that white guys got.  I heard white musicians complain about Crow Jim and not getting gigs in Baltimore.

From a friend commenting on "VIDEO: Portland rioters tear down George Washington statue":

It's disgusting.  I saw the video of the students pulling down and bashing the Jefferson statue at that high school the other day and felt the same way, even more personal.

It looked like the scene in the movie 2001 Space Odyssey when the pre-humans discover how to smash things with a femur bone.  If you can't connect the dots between the basic goodness of Washington and Jefferson, and the genius of Jefferson and his words, and then Madison, and then Lincoln, and then with a long break JFK and LBJ and Reagan etc. you should be deported.  They will find the flaws in Lincoln soon, and there are some that do.  You can easily envision some day, we'll be gone by then I hope, in Washington D.C., a city name change, and the Washington and Jefferson memorials removed.  Robert E. Lee was a basically good man also, but you couldn't possibly explain that right now.  Stonewall Jackson without a doubt was a good man, he was a more virtuous man than probably any of them, but again no one would listen to that right now.  What they don't understand is how strategically stupid this is, extremism and overplaying an issue just gets you a backlash, you look like exactly what your most hateful opponents said you were and you empower them, not those reasonable people in the middle of things

Yeah, I can see an end to the American Experiment in the foreseeable future, very easily.  They’ll be sorry.