Democrats' fear-based strategy to win in November

A new visitor has come to America.  That visitor is called fear.  After the killing of George Floyd, the Democrats took advantage of the situation to enable their militant arm, the communist cadres of BLM and Antifa, to riot and destroy, virtually unmolested, in blue cities and towns across our country.  Democrat Party politicians and their media allies not only abetted the riots, but have allowed them to continue, in some cases even joining them.  That the riots have metastasized into statue topplings pleases them to no end and bothers them not a whit.

Make no mistake: these riots have nothing to do with George Floyd, or even social or racial justice.  They have only to do with Democrats attempting to seize power from President Donald Trump.  Their efforts have followed, in stair-step fashion, with each step more destructive than the one preceding, through Stormy, Russia, impeach, COVID, and now the ultimate world-destroyer: communism, the Kraken.  They are saying, in essence, that if they cannot run the country, then they will destroy it.  Their calculation is that this will scare voters into pulling the lever for Joe Biden, and tranquility, come November.  Otherwise, the message is clear: the Kraken will overwhelm the place.

Their strategy may be working.  People across the country are beginning to act foolishly, prostrating themselves or raising their arms in supplication to the Kraken communists, and toppling statues everywhere.  Are they crazy?  Of course not — they are scared.  Average Americans are terrified that they and their property will be the next target of the Kraken communist mob.  They fear that they, their families, and their property will be targeted next, with local police standing aside and their elected officials mouthing Orwellian mantras like " check your white privilege."

Further evidence, Democrats point out, is Biden's poll numbers, which are rising, even as the riots, looting, secessions, statue topplings, and killings continue.  But a more astute interpretation is that more and more Americans are self-censoring their thoughts and opinions, choosing not to voice their increasing support for Donald Trump.

Come November and a Trump landslide, the Kraken communists and their foolish Democrat and media enablers will learn their big mistake.  The cold fury that is building will be more than enough to slay the Kraken.

Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr.

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