Democrat-run media outlet spins a terrible attack in Dallas

A horrifying video emerged from Saturday night's protests in Democrat-run cities across America, showing a Dallas man beaten into a bleeding, contorted pulp because he had armed himself with a machete to keep looters out of his neighborhood.  The Dallas Morning News purported to report on the event, but what it churned out was pure anti-Trump propaganda.  The article deserves to be analyzed so people can see how it's done.

The spin begins with the headline, which makes the article about Trump rather than Democrats run amok.  The headline states, "President Trump tweets about machete-wielding man beaten by Dallas crowd during protests."  The subtitle then makes the beaten man the actor, not the victim: "Dallas police officials say the man confronted protesters, apparently trying to protect neighborhood."

The report, authored by three journalists and four staff writers, is only 14 paragraphs long.  The paragraphs break down as follows:

Paragraph 1's opening sentence is framed to imply that the beaten man is the criminal and that Trump supports his criminal activity: "President Donald Trump on Sunday demanded arrests and severe punishments for Dallas protesters who beat a machete-wielding man the night before[.]"

Paragraph 2 quotes Trump's tweet calling the attack terrible and demanding long-term jail sentences.  The paper explains that Trump was "retweeting and amplifying an unfounded claim by a California musician who blamed the attack on 'Antifa.'"  The journalists again ignore the details of the attack and work, instead, to protect Antifa.

Paragraph 3 discusses the "California musician" who is blaming Antifa for the nation's violence.  It does not mention Antifa's history of violence.  Readers are told only that the "term" stands "for anti-fascists and broadly refers to far-left extremists or anarchists who view government and wealthy elites as oppressors."

Paragraph 4 has the paper denying that any group was involved.  Again, the focus is on Trump being wrong rather than on the savage attack.

Paragraph 5 informs readers that police have made no arrests.

Paragraph 6 admits that the attack followed peaceful protests in Dallas that turned violent.  The "reporters" then explain that the protests are about George Floyd's death "and many other incidents of police brutality against African Americans."

Paragraph 7 says Dallas is under a curfew.

We're now seven paragraphs in the story and still have learned nothing about the video (which you can see here if you have a strong stomach).  Instead, Antifa is elided away, and Trump is made out to be a punishment-mad fool.

Paragraph 8 finally acknowledges that there are graphic videos on social media showing "demonstrators ... stomping and kicking the man[.]"  Not to worry, though, because he's in "stable condition."

Paragraph 9 concedes that more happened than "stomping and kicking": "One attacker appeared to slam a skateboard into the man at least once and possibly several times, while at least one other appeared to pummel him with a fist-size stone."

Paragraph 10 assures the reader that, while videos showed the man "bloody, contorted and motionless on the ground," a later image showed him sitting up as medics treated him.

Paragraph 11 is a masterpiece of passive-aggressive writing.  It asserts that the police say the man went out with a machete to protect his neighborhood from "protesters."  The man "confronted" the protesters with the machete, which is a careful way to say he didn't attack them, "and was subsequently assaulted," which is a passive-voice way to remove the protesters from responsibility for the attack.

Paragraph 12 explains that there are a couple of other social media videos that show the seconds leading to the attack.

Paragraph 13 finally gets to the dynamics of the attack.  A video shows "several people hurling objects at the man, who appears to be holding a long-bladed object."  When the man runs toward someone carrying a skateboard, "[t]hen more than a dozen people descend on him and attack from all sides."

Paragraph 14 trails off, saying that it's not clear what happened.  Story over.

The Dallas Morning News is not reporting; it's spinning.  Its approach is typical for the way the media handle any event that might reflect badly on the leftist narrative.  Deflect, deflect, deflect...and blame Trump.

As always, the problem with America's so-called media is their pretense of impartiality.  Many Americans are wising up to the fact that most media outlets are the propaganda arms of the Democrat party, but some are still naïve enough to think they're getting objective news.  Until that fiction ends, Americans will never be fully informed voters.

Remember that in 1968, which was the last time the Democrat party rioted, the left-leaning media still did straight reporting.  Americans promptly voted for Richard Nixon, the Republican candidate.  This time, the media are openly sympathetic to the rioters.  The media have also primed voters to hate Trump.  It is, therefore, anybody's guess how voters will respond to the riots come November.