Defund the police, and it's nasty, brutish, and short

In a state of nature, it's all against all, red in tooth and claw, nasty and brutish and short.  Governments are formed to protect their citizens from foreign threats and from each other.  When governments fail in this duty, people resort to self-help, also known as vigilantism.  It's no way for a civilized people to live.

We've seen it already, in New York City, with Italian-Americans, and in Chicago, with Latin Americans.  Defund the police, and you'll see it in Minneapolis, or wherever it's tried.  People will defend their property, and their families, with force if necessary.  

The American people are well armed, and many are proficient in the use of firearms.  We have a 2nd Amendment to the Constitution to provide our citizens with the means of self-defense.  And defend themselves they will.  Defund the police, and people will take things in their own hands.

It's astonishing to see what one would think are halfway intelligent people spout this nonsense.  They apparently have not thought of the real world consequences.  Or maybe they have, or one of them , at least.

I'm talking about George Soros, a sick and twisted man, the dedicated opponent of all American institutions.  He is sometimes misidentified as a Jew.  He's no more of a Jew than Benedict Arnold was an American.  As a young man in Hungary under German occupation in World War II, he collaborated with the Nazis and betrayed his own people to save his skin.  Perhaps it's a sense of self-loathing that leads him to hate our country, which liberated Europe and saved the Jews who had survived.

But getting inside the head of George Soros would require the skills of a trained psychiatrist, and I'm not one of those.  I just know it's a dark and evil place.  He has no recognizable political philosophy.  It's tempting to call him a nihilist, but that's not quite accurate, since he does have one core belief: hatred of the United States and all it stands for.

To a man like George Soros, "defund the police" sounds like a great idea.  And his money is certainly behind much of the recent civil unrest in this country.  I expect that the Department of Justice is gathering evidence of his ties to Antifa.  George Soros needs to face justice for his crimes against this country.

In the part of the country where I live, rather than defund the police, we support our local sheriff.  There are a lot of us.  Every time some Democrat talks about defunding the police, Trump's chances of re-election go up a notch.

Fritz Pettyjohn was given the Defender of Freedom Award by the Alaska chapter of the National Rifle Association.  He blogs at

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