DA charges violent protesters in Oklahoma City with 'terrorism,' 'rioting,' and 'assault'

The damage by Mayor Jacob Frey of Minneapolis, who withdrew police from his city's third precinct and allowed rioters free rein, extended across the nation.  The message was clear: it was open season for violent thuggery as long as it was in the name of politically correct slogans like "black lives matter" and "antifascism."  The toleration of CHAZ/CHOP in Seattle amplified the signal that there would be no legal consequences for lawlessness in the name of the correct causes. A return to law and order, a situation in which people think twice before committing criminal acts while in mobs, will take longer, but it is finally underway.  On the federal level, two New York City lawyers who allegedly aided a Molotov cocktail attack on police car face felony charges that could land them in prison for the rest of their lives.  And now, on the local level, a district attorney is bringing grave felony charges against...(Read Full Post)
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