Coronavirus, gun sales โ€“ and a new gun control

Americans shattered monthly sales records for firearms as the coronavirus raged across the U.S. In March, the FBI logged around 3.7 million background checks, eclipsing the previous record set in December 2015. With at least 2.5 million checks conducted for new firearm sales, the figures represent a monthly increase of about 85 percent over March 2019. And now, with protests ravaging cities across the country over the police killing of George Floyd, the month of May set another record with nearly 3.1 million background checks. These sales contribute to a record 15 million checks recorded since January 1, 2020. Anti-gun advocates and left-leaning lawmakers are also taking the opportunity to introduce a series of new gun control legislations with some draconian measures. Perhaps the most drastic measure to be introduced, H.R. 5717 is a federal bill sponsored by Representative Hank Johnson (D-GA.), which would impose a 30% ammo tax and 50% firearm sales tax. With gun sales soaring...(Read Full Post)
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