Conservative black icon Candace Owens's uncompromising video critique of George Floyd creates a firestorm

The release of the official copy of the Hennepin County, Minnesota medical examiner's autopsy of George Floyd on Wednesday inspired conservative black commentator Candace Owens to live-stream an 18-minute video commentary that has created a firestorm of blowback — with MSM coverage from as far away as New Zealand and Australia.  Pro and con discussions of Owens on social media including Twitter reached a peak on Thursday, as the first of several memorial services for Floyd, with Al Sharpton delivering the eulogy, was broadcast live from Minneapolis on all four broadcast television networks, PBS, and the three major cable news channels. Owens's criticism of what she termed the "martyr" status accorded to Floyd is the first high-profile commentary of its kind to hit the mainstream since the death of the 46-year-old African-American man on May 25 while he has being subdued by Minneapolis police...(Read Full Post)
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