Conflicting autopsies complicate the trial of Derek Chauvin for death of George Floyd

The independent autopsy of George Floyd commissioned by his family and conducted by a team including renowned pathologist Dr. Michael Baden conflicts with the results of the official Hennepin County medical examiner. The Star-Tribune reports: Two autopsy results — one requested by George Floyd's family and the other from Hennepin County — agree that his death is a homicide but disagree over exactly what killed him. During a news conference Monday afternoon, two doctors hired by the Floyd family to do a private autopsy said they believe he died of asphyxia, which happens when oxygen flow is cut off, causing the brain and other organs to stop working. "We believe truth will help lead to justice and so, despite how painful these autopsy findings are, especially for George Floyd's family, we think it is essential that the truth comes out about the manner and the exact manner and science as to how George Floyd was killed," Benjamin...(Read Full Post)
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