Claims of punking to the contrary, the Tulsa rally is a net benefit for Trump

When Trump's Tulsa rally had lower attendance than expected, Democrats declared victory.  They were wrong to do so.  This was a win for Trump, no matter how you look at it. There were two competing narratives in the lead-up to Trump's first post-Wuhan virus rally, held on Saturday night in Tulsa.  The narrative from the Trump campaign was that over one million people submitted their names for free tickets. The narrative from the Democrats was that, while the Black Lives Matter protests did not create Wuhan virus risks, Trump was going to kill people with his rally.  As the rally neared, a sub-narrative was that Trump attendees were running a risk from outraged Black Lives Matters protesters. The rally was less well attended than expected, with mostly filled seats in the lower tiers and many empty seats in the upper tiers.  An outdoor event was canceled. Democrats, with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez taking the lead,...(Read Full Post)
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