Black Lives Matter, the riots, and the new faith's looming failure

One of the points thoughtful people frequently make is that leftists are religious people.  They're strict about doctrine and don't tolerate heretics or blasphemy.  The problem is that their religion lacks a divine god, grace, justice, and personal morality.  Because leftism is a fundamentally empty religion, leftist thought leaders keep having to create new sectarian movements that in turn fade away because they're just as lacking as the umbrella faith of leftism.  The Black Lives Matter movement is the latest leftist sect, and its glaring problems highlight why this faith will also soon shed all its adherents other than the true believers. Ryan Bomberger, a devoutly Christian man who dedicates himself to the anti-abortion movement, wrote a list article about Black Lives Matter: "Top 10 Reasons I Won't Support the #BlackLivesMatter Movement."  List articles often have more bullet points than they have actual...(Read Full Post)
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