Black Lives Matter protesters shut down a major artery in the SF Bay Area

The San Francisco–Oakland Bay Bridge is one of the major arteries in the San Francisco Bay Area.  That's why it's a big deal when protesters walk onto the bridge and stop traffic, especially because the bridge has...well, let's just call them issues.  It remains to be seen whether, over the long run, this protest helped or hurt the cause in the eyes of the people trapped in their cars.  After all, Bay Area virtue-signalers will put up with a lot to see Trump gone. It took almost three and a half years to build the Bay Bridge, from 1933 through 1936.  When finished, those men who worked on the bridge, 24 of whom died during construction, had built a two-tiered, two-part span covering four and half miles of the San Francisco Bay.  The span has something of a pause on Angel Island, when it no longer crosses the Bay but, instead, travels through the Yerba Buena Tunnel. Originally, the lower level was for train...(Read Full Post)
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