Black Lives Matter: Nothing but domestic terrorists

If we believe the liberal news media's framing of the narrative for the last week of violence, arson, looting, and personal injury, it was caused by the police who murdered an innocent and unarmed black man because of "systemic racism," and a valiant group of freedom fighters from Black Lives Matter rose up to protest peacefully, showing white America the error of our ways.  That's the fantasy anyway.

The reality is that Black Lives Matter (BLM) intimidates, terrorizes, and uses violence to achieve its goals.  In cities across this country last week, BLM signs and graffiti were front and center, accompanying both the chanted protests and the ensuing arson and looting.  The anarchists shut down freeways, destroyed property, and looted stores.  Rocks, bottles, and other projectiles were thrown at police who attempted to break up the mayhem, and "Black Lives Matter" was spray-painted by the mobs on buildings, sidewalks, signs, and even monuments.  That's how they got their message out.

Although it's possible that some of the violent rabble-rousers weren't affiliated with BLM, the organization didn't specifically condemn the acts, nor the use of their name prominently displayed on burned-out buildings and demolished stores.  At least it wasn't on their website or on any national news I saw.  One would think that if an organization wanted to distance itself from violent acts, it would post something on the home page of its website, as well as in interviews with the news media.  The closest they get to a plea for peace on their website is this: "We embody and practice justice, liberation, and peace in our engagements with one another."  Maybe I missed it, but I didn't see a lot of peaceful engagement taking place with BLM activists.  What I saw was a lot of angry black (and white) men running from the police as they broke windows and took clothes and electronics as souvenirs of their night on the town.

This violent, far-left group has been allowed to exist without questioning their acts is because it's a sop to black people from guilt-ridden liberals.  The lying and corrupt news media will pounce on anyone who criticizes BLM because it's an easy way for them to link criticism of a black organization with racism.  BLM is a domestic terrorist group and should be labeled as such by both the left and the right.  That isn't hyperbole; that's a fact, because those people seek to dismantle our system of justice and institute their own, which is stated this way on their website: "We call for a national defunding of police.  We demand investment in our communities and the resources to ensure Black people not only survive, but thrive."  I have no idea what their demand for some vague "resources" may mean, but it's obvious that welfare, job training, housing assistance, free meals at schools, and free medical care aren't enough.  Also on their site, they say that "we disrupt [yes, that's the word they use] the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure requirement by supporting each other as extended families[.]"  So, communism then?

Last Friday, May 29, our nation was rocked with protests and ensuing riots that were highly organized as they took place almost simultaneously in the cities of Seattle, New York, Boston, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, Chicago, Portland, Flagstaff, Salt Lake City, Des Moines, Reno, Detroit, Memphis, Dallas, Houston, Richmond (Va.), Fargo, Oklahoma City, Louisville, Cleveland, Tulsa, Washington, Nashville, Albany, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Atlanta, Denver, Minneapolis, and others with handmade "Black Lives Matter" signs prominent at each protest or riot I saw on TV.  What this suggests is that they were coordinated and executed by BLM in order to shut down and cause chaos in some of America's busiest and most populated cities.  Admittedly, they were able to do that.  However, they've overplayed their hand.  Whether intentional or not, TV viewers have linked the initial protests with the later violence, arson, and looting because they took place in conjunction with each other in all of the cities featured on the national newscasts.

BLM claim to want "justice," which is an outright lie.  The last thing these people want is to let any of their pet causes make their way through the American judicial system.  They want special treatment, but more than that, they want mob rule.  They chant "no justice, no peace" (a hackneyed phrase they couldn't resist appropriating), yet they call for the police departments of America to be defunded and dismantled.  How will that further the goal of seeking "justice"?  Do they want the authorities to hand over anyone that BLM deems a threat and let the horde act as judge and executioner?  Sadly, I think the answer is obvious.

Make no mistake.  This is anarchy by domestic terrorists, and their goal is to tear down the system and possibly this country in order to achieve their stated goals.  If we want to preserve our country in a way that respects law, order, and the best justice system that civilization has developed, we need to oppose Black Lives Matter.  That begins with identifying them as domestic terrorists.  Their actions have merited nothing less.

Image credit: Pixabay public domain.

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