Bizarro World, coming to a neighborhood near you!

For those of us old enough to remember a time when men were men and women were women, a major source of entertainment for children back then was comic books.  And who was the most famous comic book character of all?  Why, that's easy: Superman! Faster than a speeding bullet and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound.  You wanna talk about white privilege?  Superman was super-strong, super-fast, and invulnerable to everything except Kryptonite, all the while sporting pecs that just wouldn't quit.

Among Supe's many adventures in space, he once came upon a planet where everything was exactly the reverse of how things are on Earth: Bizarro World.  On Bizarro World, up was down, left was right, and black was white.  Decades later, us oldsters may have forgotten such silly memes until, sadly, our own country turned Bizarro.

Now, thanks to liberals, leftists, and Democrats, nothing in America really makes sense anymore.

Don't want your business to die?  Don't want to be quarantined?  Don't want to spend your life wearing a useless paper mask?  You're a terrorist!  Like throwing bricks through store windows, lighting buildings on fire, tearing down statues?  You're a warrior for social justice.

Dare to offer the opinion that everyone's life is valuable, that all lives matter?  You're a racist.  Write thousands of words in the N.Y. Times describing how whites are irredeemably racist — inherently racist as per erstwhile President Obama, meaning they don't even know they're racist — and you win a Pulitzer Prize.

When a pandemic arrives, you might think it's crucial to be with loved ones, attend religious services, and take care of everyday health needs.  But you'd be wrong.  What's most important currently, it seems, is riots, arson, abortions, and buying weed.  Play ball, no!  Buy booze, mais bien sûr!

If you think Obama, Biden, Crooked Hillary, and the DNC all conspired to take out Donald Trump, both before and after he was elected, why, you're a conspiracy theorist.  Tell the world on CNN that Donald Trump is a Russian agent, a friend to China, and a fulminating racist to all the minorities who enjoyed record-low unemployment before the Wuhan Flu arrived, and, well, you're a sublime sage speaking truth to power.

It's more than one can wrap his mind around — the mainstream media proclaiming that Republicans are all sex fiends, racists, and grandma-killers while Democrats keep getting caught schtupping the staff, wearing blackface, and sending COVID-19 patients into poor Grandma's nursing home.

Now that we're in a pandemic-induced second Great Depression, thanks to the Chinese Communist Party and the ironically named WHO, who shall lead us out of it in January?  A self-made billionaire who single-handedly conquered the real estate, entertainment, and political worlds or a 77-year-old swamp rat with dementia, fake hair, and fake teeth?  Polls overwhelmingly say: give us the senile swamp rat!

Sadly, we can't expect Superman to save us from our present upside-down discourse.  We can only hope integrity, common sense, and common decency will save the day.

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