Bill de Blasio vies with Jacob Frey for title of America's worst mayor

Is New York's Mayor Bill de Blasio trying to give Minneapolis's mayor, Jacob Frey, a run for his money? His idiocies are once again topping those of this crisis's original appeasing idiot, Frey himself.  He's been late on calling curfew.  He's let the cops know he doesn't have their back.  He's let thugs run rampant throughout Manhattan's toniest retail districts for six nights running now. That explains why New York has had six nights of shattering riots, while other cities have belatedly moved to shut them down. Fact is, his heart is still with the rioters.  Here's the message he's telegraphing on that front: he's saying he's proud of his bizarre leftist daughter, who got arrested in a group of people throwing objects at the police.  "I'm proud she cares so much," he declared.  So much for social distancing. Now he's issuing plaintive pleas...(Read Full Post)
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