Biden's keepers must regret letting him out of his basement as he drifts off into incoherence and commits multiple gaffes in one public appearance

Will Joe Biden remain caged in his basement for the rest of the campaign, speaking only via edited video performances?  There is a strong argument for his puppet masters to do so, given his inability to maintain mental focus and coherence, even at the price of refusing to participate in the presidential debates that have been customary since Kennedy met Nixon in a Chicago TV studio in 1960.

As I wrote almost a week ago, Biden's sad mental decline cannot be concealed if he is liberated from his confinement.  Yesterday, his handlers must have quickly regretted letting him out, as he lost his train of thought and drifted off into "You know...the thing" territory:

But that was not a one-off reveal.  Biden defiled the memory of Martin Luther King by claiming that the death of one of the great heroes of American history — an inspiring man of peace and great orator and leader — had less impact than that of George Floyd, who died in police custody and sparked anger but, for all his apparent efforts to turn around his life of career criminality, was high on a possibly lethal cocktail of intoxicants when he expired.

As Biden himself might say in one of his moments of relative clarity, "Come on, man!"

Biden also revealed that he doesn't know what Juneteenth is: a celebration of the end of slavery on June 19th, confusing it with one of the worst anti-black race riots in the U.S., in Tulsa, Okla.:

Of course, keeping Biden confined to his basement has risks, as President Trump could attack him for being afraid to expose his mental decline.  But it might be worth it, especially if the ravages of time continue to take their toll and Biden's status of a puppet, a placeholder for his vice president, becomes obvious to all.

Correction:fate of Nixon-Kennedy debate was 1960, not 1962

Photo credit: Twitter video screen grab (cropped).

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