Americans need common sense to save the Constitution and the nation

In a recent posting here at American Thinker, I wrote: "What you and I know by common sense is ... most of what we need to know to be a sovereign people, a people capable of ruling ourselves."  We can't do a good job of governing ourselves without common sense, but common sense is not enough.  To fulfill our obligations as citizens, we also must understand the American idea. In America, we citizens are the sovereign, and the rights and responsibilities of sovereignty are ours.  In each election, we exercise our sovereignty by selecting, for strictly limited periods of service, fellow citizens to conduct the work of government for us.  As Professor Randy Barnett wrote in his book Restoring the Lost Constitution: [T]he appropriate legal construct is not the surrender of rights to a master, but the delegation of powers to an agent[.] ... When a principal engages an agent, the agent can be empowered to act on behalf of and...(Read Full Post)
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