Americans are bowing down before the mob because of the Big Lie

One of the more disturbing images to emerge in the past few days has been of police officers and National Guardsman kneeling — effectively bowing down — before the mob.  These men and women who represent the forces of law and order claim they are kneeling in solidarity, but what they're doing looks remarkably like surrender.  The reason they are doing so is almost certainly because they believe the Big Lie that leftists are selling — namely, that law enforcement is causing a black "genocide."  While it's true that there is black genocide in America, it's not coming from law enforcement.  It's coming straight from Planned Parenthood, the Democrats' most sacred organization.

In Hollywood, footage emerged of National Guard troops "taking a knee" along with protesters:

The Chinese probably started salivating when they saw that our military is already being trained in the "surrender technique."

In Oklahoma City, police knelt before the mob:

In Phoenix, officers knelt:

The Capitol Police knelt:

Back in the 1960s, authority figures also collapsed before the black mob.  Shelby Steele, in White Guilt, describes how his college president, the quintessential white liberal who gave to all the Civil Rights causes, backed down like a deflated balloon:

Dr. McCabe simply came to a place where his own knowledge of American racism — knowledge his personal integrity prevented him from denying — opened a vacuum of moral authority within him. He was not suddenly stricken with pangs of guilt over American racism. He simply found himself without the moral authority to reprimand us for our disruptive behavior. He knew that we had a point, that our behavior was in some way connected to centuries of indisputable injustice. So he was trumped by his knowledge of this, not by his remorse over it, though he may have felt such remorse. Our outrage at racism simply had far greater moral authority than his outrage over our breach of decorum. And had he actually risen to challenge us, I was prepared to say that we would worry about our behavior when he and the college started worrying about the racism we encountered everywhere, including on his campus.

And this is when I first really saw white guilt in action. Now I know it to be something very specific: the vacuum of moral authority that comes from simply knowing that one's race is associated with racism. Whites (and American institutions) must acknowledge historical racism to show themselves redeemed of it, but once they acknowledge it, they lose moral authority over everything having to do with race, equality, social justice, poverty, and so on. They step into a void of vulnerability. The authority they lose transfers to the "victims" of historical racism and becomes their great power in society. This is why white guilt is quite literally the same thing as black power. (Steele, Shelby, White Guilt [Kindle Locations 370-374]. HarperCollins; emphasis mine.)

In the 1960s, thanks to Jim Crow and endemic racism in the Northeast, whites had good reason to feel guilty.

But what about whites in 2020?  Well, that's where the Big Lie comes in.

In one of his best segments ever, Tucker Carlson looks at the way white liberals, police as well as ordinary people, are groveling because they believe they're complicit in a black genocide — except there is no black genocide.  The video is long, but you have to watch every minute:

Ten unarmed men dying at police hands in a single year is sad, but it's not genocide or even attempted genocide.

There is a genocide in black America, though.  In 2018, blacks accounted for 36% of all abortions, despite being only 13.4% of the population.  In 2016, in New York, black women aborted more babies than they carried to term.  Clever, clever Democrats.  First they enslaved the blacks, then they subjected them to Jim Crow, and now, by turning abortion into a sacrament, they've convinced blacks to vote Democrat and then kill themselves. 

Thanks to the Democrats' Big Lie, instead of protesting at Planned Parenthood facilities and thanking God that Trump is a pro-life president, blacks believe that the cops who try to protect them from the predators in their communities are the enemy.  And the Big Lie has caused stupid leftists, police officers, and National Guardsmen to think they lack the moral authority to stand up and face blacks with the dignity inherent in all humankind.

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