After big protest and loot-fest in New York, Andrew Cuomo wonders why no one's listening to his lockdown orders anymore

Andrew Cuomo is upset.

Seems no one is listening anymore to the media-vaunted governor of New York.

Maybe that's because he squandered his authority on wokeness.  Mass protests and mass lootings, all excused in the name of "social justice," might just do that to ya.

"I believe this is a moment for national change and national reform," Governor Andrew Cuomo said during his daily press briefing on Thursday.

Governor Cuomo said the last few nights of protests over the murder of Floyd have been relatively peaceful.

"They're white people, they're African-American people, they're Latinos, they're young people," Cuomo said of protesters. "They're people who want change."

Never mind about those social-distancing rules, it seems.  He would be there to cover:

Cuomo also announced that the state would be expanding its coronavirus testing criteria so that anyone at the protests can get tested for the virus.

"If you have been at a protest, get a [coronavirus] test, please,” he said.

His authority was also undermined by his own failure to practice what he preaches:

Way to go, bozo.  Lead by example.

Worse still, he has a believability problem — there's his history of truly lethal pandemic orders from him in the name of "safety," such as seeding the nursing homes with returning COVID-19 patients when huge hospital ships stood by to take them, an executive order that cost 5,800 vulnerable people their lives.  Zero apology from him about that — it was all the nursing homes' fault.  Why should anyone pay attention to him on "safety" after an order like that?

There are other reasons for his lost authority — like selective enforcement of lockdowns, such as in Jewish communities, when bigger instances were taking place elsewhere.  Nor has his failure to remove incompetent Bill de Blasio as mayor, something he merely threatened to do and didn't.

And nice touch on being concerned about the bloody Mary–fests over in the preppie Hamptons and glittery Manhattan.  You can smell the fear.

Rest assured that Cuomo's not going to be bringing up the social distancing practices of Bed-Stuy, Brownsville, or the South Bronx, all of whose residents wouldn't dream of not socially distancing, or so his narrative goes. 

In any case, he's threatening the defund the police across New York state if they don't kowtow to his "wokeness" standards.  The NYPD already has some of the most woke standards in the country, and none of its officers was involved in the police brutality incident in Minneapolis; he was just blaming them all for it.  It's redolent of his threat to decertify nursing homes if they didn't take returning COVID-19 patients back into close quarters with the most vulnerable, a "mistake" that killed 5,800.  Whom exactly does he expect to enforce his neo-lockdown threat over in the Hamptons?

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo will sign an executive order Friday that will require local police departments to develop new policies for use of force, community policing and bias awareness, among other areas, or they will lose state funding, adding to the list of sweeping police reforms being enacted following weeks of protest.

Seems every last bow he makes to wokeness undercuts his authority on lockdowns.  Here's a sample of the general ratio-ing he got on Twitter:

In New York, it's the New York way to dismiss bee-essers and blowhards.  They even have a word for this kind of guy, a very recognizable one he fits to a tee: schmuck.

Take that act elsewhere, Andy.

Image credit: Twitter screen shot.

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