A viral video reveals the black lives that Black Lives Matter destroyed

Hollywood actors reflexively lean left.  Those who are college-educated do so because were brainwashed in college.  Those who are not college-educated do so because they have an inferiority complex and believe that if they act like college grads, people won't realize that they never got the diploma.  For this reason, they hate Trump without knowing or caring what he actually says and does, and they blindly support anything the Democrat party tells them is good and proper. When the Black Lives Matter protests began, Hollywood leftists were prepared.  They shouted their support for the protests from the rooftops; promised to pay bail and legal fees for the protesters and looters whom the police were able to capture; and eventually created a nausea-inducing video in which a few knowns and a bunch of unknowns looked serious and intoned, "I take responsibility." Living in their lily-white, affluent, sycophantic...(Read Full Post)
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