A viral video reveals the black lives that Black Lives Matter destroyed

Hollywood actors reflexively lean left.  Those who are college-educated do so because were brainwashed in college.  Those who are not college-educated do so because they have an inferiority complex and believe that if they act like college grads, people won't realize that they never got the diploma.  For this reason, they hate Trump without knowing or caring what he actually says and does, and they blindly support anything the Democrat party tells them is good and proper.

When the Black Lives Matter protests began, Hollywood leftists were prepared.  They shouted their support for the protests from the rooftops; promised to pay bail and legal fees for the protesters and looters whom the police were able to capture; and eventually created a nausea-inducing video in which a few knowns and a bunch of unknowns looked serious and intoned, "I take responsibility."

Living in their lily-white, affluent, sycophantic gated world, do these people have any idea at all what they're talking about?  I don't think so.  They're certainly not taking responsibility for this woman trying to find food for her children in stores ransacked by the same protesters they funded:

The unnamed woman narrating the video says every grocery store she's gone to looks like the one in her video.  To the extent there's food left, it's some random produce (which did not attract the marauders).  All the other food — fresh, refrigerated, frozen, or boxed — has been hurled to the floor and trampled.  The non-food aisles have also been ransacked.  Walking through aisle after aisle, she implores the person viewing the video to "look at this."

And then, in a broken, tearful voice, she says what's really going on, and it's heartbreaking:

Can't even get no f-----' food for my kids, G. Look at this. Came in the store to try to buy something because I'm not a thief. Look at this. In my hood, can't even get no food for my kids. Babies need milk. Can't even get nothing for my kids, Bro.

I feel like an animal — and black people made me feel like an animal. Y'all did this to us.


But this is what we're fighting for. This is honoring George Floyd. People who already couldn't feed their kids, now they really can't feed their kids.

I am so devastated right now. I am so devastated right now, G. This is not okay. For us to have live like this.

We do stupid s--- like this all the time, and we so 'black proud,' we so black and proud that we ain't gonna never be honest and be real about what's really going on.

Y'all are so wrong for this. You came in your neighborhood and f----- up your s---.

I'm not a thief. I'm not coming in this store stealing nothing. Ain't nobody going to turn me into no animal or make me feel like a thief.

Y'all let the white folk send you off once again.


Everything's on the floor. Tissue! We couldn't even find tissue less than two months ago, and now it's on the floor!

For a jarring contrast, now watch the "I take responsibility" video in which these well paid leftist fakers pretend emotion:

Those vapid actors should be deeply ashamed of themselves.  Rather than foisting their vile "public service announcements" on America, they need to see this video.  They need to see it day and night until they finally get it through their skulls that the political party to which they're so devoted is completely destructive.  This woman and her children deserve better, but with the Democrat party having a lock on education, news, and entertainment, the rioting and virtue-signaling run rampant, while she and her children starve.

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