A video catches a brave woman telling leftists the truth about the Democrats

There's a lot of ugly stuff coming out of CHAZ.  We've seen people who condemn walls as evil build walls; people who claim that mandatory ID is racist demand ID; people who dismiss farmers as morons "plant" crops on cardboard; and people who hate the Second Amendment instantly cede power to others with guns.  We've seen also the kind of thing we already expect from the Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and anarchist crowd: property destruction, mob violence, suppression of free speech, and outright hostility to Christianity.

But sometimes, even on an ash heap, a flower will grow.  On Monday, that flower was Bevelyn Beatty, who identifies herself as the co-founder and evangelist at At The Well Ministries.  Beatty is not only an evangelical Christian, but a true believer in conservative values: pro-life, pro-marriage, and pro-Trump.

Beatty and a congregant went to CHAZ to spread the gospel.  She must have known then about the way the CHAZ citizens tried to choke a white man for trying to preach the gospel.  Apparently, doing the same to a black woman was a bridge too far, even for the anarchists, for they left her unmolested.  Beatty didn't know that going in.  It took real courage on her part to step into CHAZ world and speak up.

Not only did Beatty preach the gospel, but she also educated some ignorant, but polite, white activists about the Democrat party's ugly relationship with blacks in America:

There she goes, telling the mob that Biden, not Trump, is the black person's enemy and that Biden and his party will continue to destroy black culture in America.

I have only one slight disagreement with Beatty, and that concerns how she challenges the standard Democrat claim that, with the Civil Rights Movement, the Democrats, which were the party of slavery and Jim Crow, magically became the official protectors of blacks.  Meanwhile, say the Democrats, Republicans transformed from the Party of Lincoln into the party of "racism."

Beatty contends that this happened because, after the Civil War, impoverished Southerners headed north, taking their racism with them, while wealthy Northerners headed south looking for bargains.  What's probably closer to the mark is recognizing that most Americans were racist, whether north, south, east, or west.  It was just that the regions outside the South opposed slavery.  That didn't make them like blacks better, though. 

The big difference between the South other regions was that Northern and Western Americans voluntarily segregated, subtly crowding blacks in ghettos and black-only schools, and keeping them away from the white community.  And because blacks were small in number compared to whites, many whites didn't even know black people.  The Civil Rights Movement didn't put much pressure on racists outside the South because there weren't laws to undo, and the federal government wasn't scrutinizing the North and West.

In the South, it was the old Southern government that enforced segregation, even as whites and blacks lived cheek to jowl with each other.  When Brown v. Board of Education and the Civil Rights Act of 1964 broke the government's segregationist policies, and the feds policed racism within the communities, white Southerners slowly discovered that life was more profitable and more pleasant if they embraced a colorblind market economy and the principles of the Bill of Rights.

Moreover, because both black and white communities in the South were more religious than the same communities in the North, they came together over values such as being pro-life and pro-marriage.  In other words, as Southerners abandoned racism, they left the Democrat party and became Republicans.  Meanwhile, the Democrats became increasingly obsessed with race — something that accelerated as the Democrats merged with socialists, who realized they could use race as a wedge issue in America in lieu of the class warfare Marx had envisioned.

Other than that, though, I agree with every word Beatty said.  Staying with the Democrat party will keep dragging the black community down.  A colorblind free market, a colorblind Constitution, and an abiding respect for all people regardless of race are what will set all of America free and guide it to harmonious prosperity.

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