A new name for CHAZ to honor Washington's benighted politicians

Some six square blocks of the Seattle Capitol Hill neighborhood have been commandeered by an alliance of leftist groups, violent thugs, and nitwit stooges.  In short order, this area was converted from a nice, clean, orderly mix of residences and businesses to a fetid mess of spray-painted graffiti, scorch marks, and porta-potties.  This area was initially proclaimed to be the "Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone" or CHAZ by its denizens.  Yikes!  They know how to spell "autonomous"?  After a while, that name apparently became tiresome, so a new name was promoted: "Capitol Hill Organized Protest" or CHOP.  Chop...chop...better get out of the way! Seattle's legal beagle lawyer-mayor, Jenny Durkan (Democrat), doesn't see anything illegal or wrong about the whole process of the mobs storming the Seattle P.D. precinct house in Capitol Hill, setting...(Read Full Post)
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