Wouldn't it be funny if global warming were the answer to murder hornets?

This post is somewhat tongue-in-cheek, but not entirely.  The defense that honeybees have against the murder hornet suggests (at least to me) that a warming world might spell the murder hornets' end. The premise for this post is the fact that leftists insist that global warming is responsible for everything wrong in the world.  By now we're all familiar with the most obvious bad things global warming is responsible for: "We're all going to die.  And the polar bears will, too." However, there are other bad things laid to rest at the changing climate's feet: More killer climate events, such as hurricanes, except in those years when we have fewer killer climate events, such as hurricanes. Shortened nightingale wings. Female farmers in Africa will have fewer crops. Women and girls who have to get water will have a harder time (never mind that this theoretical global warming, by melting...(Read Full Post)
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