Why do I have to go to an African YouTube channel to see this?

I was about to turn in a few nights ago when I saw the video embedded below on my favorite Igbo YouTube channel, UGWUMBA.  They're an African production company that features a variety of cultural entertainments, mainly short cultural documentaries about the authentic traditions of various Igbo societies.  The people who run this company are a rare breed on so many levels, and like many American patriots, they too have critical questions about the pandemic — especially what is really behind the lockdowns, at least in Nigeria.  This is why they must have posted the video. The video features a physician who practices in Dallas, Texas talking about what she had been doing for her COVID-19 patients, not long after the outbreak.  Needless to say, she gives the president a lot of credit for helping to cure her patients.  Her name is Dr. Ivette Lozano.  Her 13-minute speech at an "Open Texas!" rally...(Read Full Post)
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