Why AG Barr is right about not criminally prosecuting Obama or Biden

A friend, who thinks politically as we do here, phoned this morning after just hearing Barr's comments doubting that Obama or Biden would be criminally prosecuted.  We both would love to see it, but consider how destructive the Dems' legal efforts to get Trump to testify so they could prosecute him have been for the past three years, and then imagine what could happen if the precedent were set to prosecute future presidents of either party.  Such a spectacle would draw worldwide attention and obliterate everything else our country needed to be doing that would have more impact on our country's, and even the world's, future.

If there were a trial, it would go on for years, and that wouldn't even include all the appeals.  No matter how it concluded, whether it were an acquittal, a partial conviction, a hung jury, or a jury nullification, it would still be argued for decades.  Either way, Obama would be a hero to millions throughout the world, and he could go on another anti-American world tour as a victim of an unfair justice system.  The ones who actually did the crimes at his direction would be brushed aside in the frenzy and even forgotten.

But it appears that A.G. Barr and Michael Horowitz are leaving nothing undiscovered and fully intend to proceed with criminal prosecutions.  If those who did the crimes under Obama's orders and direction have to hire hugely expensive attorneys, perhaps even sell their homes, as General Flynn had to do, they will be angry, very angry at Obama's getting a pass.  They will tell all on each other and on him.

Obama will be helpless to stop it.  He will not be able to deny anything in the courtroom, and more truth will come out than if he himself were on trial.  He will have to watch his own destruction.

Image: Office of Public Affairs via Flickr.

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