When it came to Flynn, it seems everyone on the Obama team wanted 'in'

Thanks to interim director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell, we can finally see which people in the Obama administration unmasked General Michael Flynn's name.  Twenty-six names turned up, with some of them making multiple requests.  We've heard about the big guys (Biden, Brennan, Clapper, etc.), but what's also interesting is how many people were looking into Flynn who seemingly had no reason to do so.  This should disturb us all. To understand why these many requests point to serious problems in the Obama White House and American intelligence, you have to know how unmasking works.  The government routinely spies on written or spoken conversations involving foreign actors.  If Americans participate in or are mentioned, their names are considered "incidental" until proven otherwise and their identities masked to protect their privacy. The National Intelligence Agency will distribute communications...(Read Full Post)
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