Tyranny as far as the eye can see

California governor Gavin Newsom is now warning of the potential for a third and fourth wave of the coronavirus, stating that we must remain humble by what we still don't know about it.

While there may be a lot that we don't know about this sickening virus that was thrust upon the world by communist China, we do know that what is unfolding is unsustainable and unconstitutional.  Our society is nearing a state of partial collapse due to protracted mitigation in blue states as the Constitution is trampled upon and set on fire.

Newsom, like Dr. Fauci, appears to view our lives through the singular lens of this virus.  But life is more complex than that (duh), and Newson is ignoring the larger reality (or at least pretending to) in order to hold onto power.

Citing what we still don't know about the virus leaves the door wide open for him to continue to rule like an evil emperor.

Hey, Gavin! When will enough be known about this virus for you to feel comfortable to open up your state?

Yeah, I thought so.

Newsom made a one-two punch by stoking fear with his third and fourth wave comments while establishing an ambiguous threshold for comfort regarding what is and isn't known about the virus.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the country, Boston mayor Marty Walsh created his own new threshold for relinquishing power.  His ruse is this: after doing an antibody study in the city, it was found that 90% of Bostonians had not yet been exposed to the virus.  And because he feels that mitigation has helped and so few people have had exposure, his response is to keep things clamped down.

Sure, Marty.  That's genius.  Thanks so much for your non-contribution to developing some herd immunity in this country.

So this mayor of bluer-than-blue Boston is now using the study to create a new litmus test for opening — a test that it seems Bostonians will never be able to meet.

Our final exhibit in this display of tyrants is mayor of New York Bill de Blasio, who continues to join his comrades by piling on a threat on top of insanity on top of stupidity on top of cruelty on top of setting fire to the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Although beaches within his jurisdiction remain closed, Governor Cuomo is opening them outside the city, and New Jersey next door is opening its beaches, which caused de Blasio to kick into high gear.  He plans to install fencing around the beaches to keep people out, and lifeguards are prohibited from working.  And if any person dares sneak into the water, they will be physically removed by cops (wading into the surf in uniforms? or will they be dispatched in wetsuits?) because, according to this freak of a mayor, everyone knows it's very dangerous to swim in the water when no lifeguard is present.  And the last thing the mayor wants is people out in the sunshine and fresh air, where virus transmission is difficult, instead of confined in apartments with family members in close quarters, where virus transmission flourishes.

The nanny state knows best.

Beware!  Be careful!  Watch out!  Don't make a single move without state permission, or there will be consequences.

You will be threatened, cited, fined, wrestled to the ground, handcuffed, arrested, physically hauled off, thrown in jail, have your business license revoked.  You, and your family, will be investigated.  Your children may witness traumatic events as law enforcement moves in.

And now, among a growing list of scenes from a police state, you will be physically removed from the ocean if you dare to dip your toes into the water, play in the foam with your family, swim, surf, or simply enjoy a beautiful day outside on the beach.

Photo illustration by Monica Showalter with use of KindPNG public domain image.

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