Trump's judgment has been right all along about the New York virus

President Obama, in his deliberately leaked call, tried to set up a narrative saying Trump's New York virus approach has been "an absolute chaotic disaster."  This is entirely untrue.  Trump has proven unusually prescient, both about big values and small details.  This post is an effort to focus on just a few of Trump's intelligent decisions and smart analysis.

Trump has said from the beginning that China is a threat.  Before the Russia Hoax forced Flynn out, one of the reasons Trump liked him was that Flynn also saw China as America's biggest threat.  Susan Rice, showing herself to be an idiot, a master dissembler, or someone on China's payroll, gave Flynn's support for China as her sole reason for deciding he was a Russian agent.

Trump was right that we need to get our manufacturing out of China.  Aside from the fact that we shouldn't prop up a totalitarian government at the expense of American workers, the New York virus made us realize that we are dangerously dependent on a hostile power, especially when it comes to essentials such as antibiotics and other medicines.

Trump has long said borders matter, so much so that border security was the centerpiece of his campaign — and the part that Democrats attacked most vigorously by defining it as racist.  The New York virus proved that Trump was right about borders, as nations all over the world have tightened their borders to control the New York virus's spread into their countries.

Trump was correct to close down flights from China before January's end and then to do the same somewhat later with flights from Europe.

Trump was right about the reality that the original estimate for the New York virus's mortality rate (3–4%) was a huge overstatement and that the actual mortality rate would prove to be in the range of the common flu.  (Indeed, it's less than the flu's mortality rate, since we control the flu's mortality rate through vaccinations.)

Trump was right that hydroxychloroquine can be (although it isn't always) an effective treatment.  Unfortunately, because he made that statement, the American medical establishment (college-educated and therefore predominantly leftist) is determined to reject hydroxychloroquine in favor of the significantly more expensive, and not necessarily more helpful, Remdesivir.

Trump was correct about UV lights being used in the body to destroy viruses.

Trump was correct that Governor Cuomo was demanding too many ventilators.  Given that ventilators may do more harm than good if used too aggressively, his sense about ventilator use was even more on point than he probably realized.

And here's the big thing about which Trump is correct: federalism.  By stepping back and allowing the 50 laboratories of democracy that are the American states to determine their needs in the face of the lockdown, Trump is proving himself to be a true constitutionalist.  Andrew Klavan explains why this is so important and why we should speak out loudly in praise of Trump for taking this valiant stand:

The thing that we don't do is the right has gotten into the habit of outrage and the habit of negativity and we pounce on things.


The thing that we need to be talking about — one of the things I feel that we are not talking about that we need to be talking about — is I feel we need to be celebrating what Donald Trump has done.


The fact that Donald Trump has done this without expanding the federal government is one of the great triumphs of federalism and one of the great triumphs for conservatism. And the fact that conservatives aren't trumpeting it every single day — every single day — shows you that conservatives do not know how to build a narrative.


We should be celebrating the federalism in Trump's approach and we're not. And that means, that means we leave the guy out there alone. Because he is a politician he does want to be loved, he does have that thing that all politicians have that he wants the praise. And all he's hearing from the left and the right is "Oh, it's chaos. Where's the coordination? That's the, the states can't do this well."

Screw that! You know we should be ... this is a major triumph. We should also be reminding people all the time and saying this on our social media. And telling people he was right about China. Nobody was talking about China until he started.

Trump is weathering extraordinary attacks from his political opponents.  It's up to us, those who recognize the totalitarianism that hides behind the left's virtue-signaling and its attacks on Trump, to catch Trump being good.  And when you start looking at the New York virus data, while Trump hasn't been perfect (no one can be) you realize that Trump's been damn good. And moreover, he's been damn good not just about practical things, but about preserving a constitutional, federal system. He deserves a big round of applause for that.

Update from Carol Brown:

Will wonders never cease? Governor Cuomo now seems on board with calling a virus by geographic region.

Unfortunately, he's bad at geography. And science.

Cuomo is now using the term "European virus." I presume that reflects the fact that the strain circulating in New York is a mutation that occurred in Europe. Or so we're told.

And of course "European" is fine to use. "Wuhan" or "China" not fine. Because stupid politically correct fools who don't know freedom from tyranny make up arbitrary rules for lemmings to follow as the New World Order advances.

Irrespective of whether the strain that showed up in New York was one that mutated in Europe, or not, if you buy into Cuomo's stupid science, we would call breast cancer that metastized to the lungs, lung cancer. But we don't. We call it metastatic breast cancer. Because there are different kinds of cancer and the name doesn't change because it spreads to other parts of the body.

Of course, it's very convenient, even chic, for Cuomo to use the term "European virus" because absolving China of all responsibility for an act of war against the entire globe is paramount among leftists.

Hat tip: Legal Insurrection.

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