The Wuhan Virus is here to stay, so we need to live with it, not hide from it

Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, a professor at Stanford University's School of Medicine, conducted an antibody study of Major League Baseball employees.  He sat down with the Hoover Institution's Peter Robinson to discuss his findings.  They are both disheartening and, in a peculiar way, heartening. The MLB study is interesting because it spans the entire U.S.  Dr. Bhattacharya was able to survey the antibody status of more than 5,600 MLB employees.  What the doctor found is that this cohort is nowhere near having acquired herd immunity.  Only 0.7% (or 7/1,000) of the MLB employees tested positive for antibodies. Admitted, said Dr. Bhattacharya, this is a lower rate than most other tested American populations, but, except for New York, no communities seem to have antibody rates higher than 5%.  New York is unusual in having a 25% antibody rate (no doubt thanks to that subway system).  Herd immunity, though,...(Read Full Post)
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