The newest scandal — Trump buried the CDC guidelines! — is a nothing burger

The newest supposed scandal the media are ginning up against the Trump administration concerns documents that AP obtained regarding the CDC recommendations for re-opening America.  As written, the AP implies that the Trump administration is ignoring or manipulating expert advice, thereby putting Americans at risk.  The article misses the fact that the CDC, aside from having been amazingly and consistently wrong about the Wuhan virus, is a blinkered bureaucratic agency that looks only at its own goals without reference or concern for other issues.  It also forgets that the CDC is an advisory agency for Trump, not Trump's boss.

The AP's headline sets the tone: "Top White House officials buried CDC report."  The first paragraph follows through on that grim note:

The decision to shelve detailed advice from the nation's top disease control experts for re-opening communities during the coronavirus pandemic came from the highest levels of the White House, according to internal government emails obtained by The Associated Press.

Obviously, the White House is very bad to ignore the deep thinkers at the CDC.

However, even the AP's article doesn't match the sales pitch.  It shows only that the bureaucrats came up with a detailed plan and that the boss — for the CDC works for the Executive Branch, not vice versa — fast-tracked the good parts and ditched the bad ones:

The files also show that after the AP reported Thursday that the guidance document had been buried, the Trump administration ordered key parts of it to be fast-tracked for approval.

The AP then goes for the heartstrings, telling readers that those poor bureaucrats saw their bureaucratic efforts "quashed by political appointees with little explanation."  Cue the world's smallest violin.

Thanks to the administration, "faith leaders, business owners, educators and state and local officials" never got to see the CDC's beautifully wrought decision trees.  This was the case even though the chief bureaucrat — CDC Director Robert Redfield — had signed off on it.  Again, the AP forgets that Redfield and his staff work for Trump and not the other way around.

The article manages to name Jared Kushner (Trump's "son-in-law") and Kellyanne Conway, implying that they're culprits behind this cover-up without actually saying so.  The article continues in that vein, with chapter and verse about the CDC being slighted.

Here's what's important that the AP leaves out: when it counted — that is, when the Wuhan virus was gaining steam — the CDC constantly failed in ways big and small:

The agency's failure to understand the severity of this virus, to provide useful advice to the American people and to political leaders, and to deliver appropriate testing capabilities has been widely documented.

As I wrote last week, emails reveal that weeks after the virus started roaming freely in the U.S., CDC director Dr. Robert Redfield told his employees that "the virus isn't spreading in the US at this time." But a month later, the CDC was still telling state and local officials that its "testing capacity is more than adequate to meet current testing demands."

It wasn't.

The quoted article spells out the CDC's myriad errors regarding the Wuhan virus, something that other media outlets, including leftist outlets, freely acknowledged.  Also, it highlights the CDC's many other expensive failures.

In addition to its dismal track record, from what little the AP lets drop about the CDC's original plan, it's apparent that the CDC was trying to stop the virus entirely, which is an impossible task:

The AP obtained a copy Friday of the full document. That version is a more universal series of phased guidelines, "Steps for All Americans in Every Community," geared to advise communities as a whole on testing, contact tracing and other fundamental infection control measures.

At this point, testing has no purpose other than to count cases.  That is, it won't help people recover, nor will it prevent people from getting sick.  "Contact tracing and other fundamental infection control measures" sounds remarkably like tracking every American and continuing a perpetual lockdown.

The Trump administration, meanwhile, understands that the country needs to get to work again.  A full-blown depression, complete with stress-related diseases, suicide, substance abuse, and crime, will kill more people than the Wuhan virus ever could.  While the CDC is focusing on one narrow issue, the Trump administration is looking at the big picture.

The whole article is just an extended whine by failed bureaucrats to a sympathetic media outlet, both of which have the same goal: Get Trump.  It's a nothing burger.