The left’s response to the Flynn-Kislyak transcripts shows a monarchal mindset

Henry VIII accused both Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard of adultery, so they were executed for treason. That adultery could transform into treason came about because the monarch and the state were the same. An offensive against the former was a capital crime against the latter. That’s not how it’s supposed to be in America. In America, if people dislike a president’s policies, they elect a new president who changes those policies. Treason is a crime against America itself, not a crime against a particular president and his initiatives. But that’s not how the left sees things today. When General Michael Flynn’s supporters saw the released transcripts of the telephone conversations he had with former Russian ambassador Sergei Kislyak in the month before Trump’s inauguration, they believed the transcripts vindicated Flynn. The FBI and DOJ had accused Flynn of falsely claiming that, during a December 29 telephone call with Kislyak, he had not...(Read Full Post)
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