The Democrats' lockdowns look like both tyranny and a government jobs program

Across America, people realize two important things: (1) the Wuhan Virus in America is not a mass killer, and (2) if they don't get back to work, they'll go from middle- or working-class to the poverty line.  Also, across America, politicians in Democrat-run states and cities are clamping down even harder on citizens' ability to get out of their homes; enjoy the fresh air; and, most importantly, earn a living. Wait.  That's not quite correct.  Three classes of citizen are having a bonanza of work right now: leftist politicians, law enforcement officers, and journalists.  Even as they're telling everyone else to stay home, they're out and about, lecturing people, arresting people, reporting on people, and drawing paychecks.  The continued lockdowns are a kind of jobs program. In Oregon, 109 people have died from the Wuhan virus out of a population of 4,300,000 (i.e., 0.002% of Oregonians...(Read Full Post)
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