The Democrats' lockdowns look like both tyranny and a government jobs program

Across America, people realize two important things: (1) the Wuhan Virus in America is not a mass killer, and (2) if they don't get back to work, they'll go from middle- or working-class to the poverty line.  Also, across America, politicians in Democrat-run states and cities are clamping down even harder on citizens' ability to get out of their homes; enjoy the fresh air; and, most importantly, earn a living.

Wait.  That's not quite correct.  Three classes of citizen are having a bonanza of work right now: leftist politicians, law enforcement officers, and journalists.  Even as they're telling everyone else to stay home, they're out and about, lecturing people, arresting people, reporting on people, and drawing paychecks.  The continued lockdowns are a kind of jobs program.

In Oregon, 109 people have died from the Wuhan virus out of a population of 4,300,000 (i.e., 0.002% of Oregonians have died from the virus).  Fifty-seven of the deaths occurred within long-term care facilities, the average age was 79, and all but one had underlying medical conditions.  Nevertheless, the Democrat governor, Kate Brown, has extended the state's lockdown to July 6.  She draws a paycheck; the people she governs can't.

In Illinois, the government has released 4,000 inmates from prison, 146 of whom are sex offenders and 64 of whom are convicted murderers.  Chicago released 1,300 inmates just from its Cook County Jail.  These prison release programs haven't been working out so well for some ordinary citizens.  In New York, a released rapist instantly raped a woman.  In California, just days after his early release, a sex offender exposed his parole resource center.  

Even as the criminals are running wild, Democrat Chicago mayor Lori "I take my personal hygiene seriously" Lightfoot was openly and aggressively threatening Chicago citizens with prison for daring to leave their homes or get anywhere near each other.  "We will shut you down, we will cite you and, if we need to, we will arrest you and take you to jail," she insisted, after having taken off her mask.

Social distancing and staying home don't apply to Lightfoot and her posse, though.  Immediately after threatening Chicago residents for social distancing fails, Lightfoot, along with at least ten people, crossed the street to scold some teenagers hanging out in a schoolyard.  One kid had the perfect response: "Y'all need to find a cure, you're talking about go home.  You go home."

In Elizabeth, New Jersey, another Democrat-run city, the police assured people that drones are necessary to surveil their every move "if it saves one life."  As Daniel Greenfield says, "Lock up every single violent offender for life; if it saves 1 life, it’s worth it."

In Apex, North Carolina, a Democrat-run city, a tattoo artist trying to earn a living was arrested.  The short video shows at least six people, including journalists and the police, all earning paychecks as they drag the guy to prison for going to work:

In Virginia, a Democrat-run state, Attorney General Bill Barr has had to intervene because of Governor Northam's aggressive attack on First Amendment rights, something that the police (all drawing a paycheck, of course) have enforced:

The Justice Department on Sunday intervened on behalf of a church fighting Virginia Gov. Ralph Northman's virus restrictions in a federal court case that may determine whether religion is an essential service. 

The department filed a Statement of Interest in federal court in support of Lighthouse Fellowship Church, a congregation in Chincoteague Island, Virginia, that serves, among others, recovering drug addicts and former prostitutes.

The church says it held a 16-person worship service in its 225-seat sanctuary on Palm Sunday while maintaining rigorous social distancing. At the end of the service, Chincoteague police issued Lighthouse's pastor a criminal citation and summons, based on the Northam's executive order. 

Federal, state, and local governments are still taxing us and still paying themselves, while their journalist flunkies get paid to record it, all the while making it impossible for anyone to earn a living.

In Sacramento, California, however, something interesting happened.  The Highway Patrol (all getting paid) denied people their constitutional right to assemble.  People came to protest anyway, only to be met with at least one sniper and a wall of riot police stripped of all humanity in their protective gear.

Cordie Lee Williams, a chiropractor and former Marine, took the bullhorn and talked to the police about their constitutional obligation to behave lawfully.  When he was done, the police had carefully backed away from the crowd.  The music on the video is awful, but you'll find the video heartening:

The 14th Amendment means that the First Amendment applies to local governments as well as the federal government.  States and cities cannot tyrannize citizens, and they cannot use that tyranny as a jobs program for themselves and their cronies.  This constitutional abuse needs to stop now.