The ACLU comes out swinging against civil rights on college campuses

During the Obama presidency, the Department of Education famously sent to colleges and universities a "Dear Colleague" letter that essentially mandated that people accused of sexual wrongdoing (ranging from alleged harassment to actual rape) should be denied any semblance of due process.  This mandate mainly affected men and disproportionately affected black men. Education secretary Betsy DeVos issued revised guidelines that righted this wrong.  Colleges and universities must now provide civil rights protections to the accused.  The era of the kangaroo court is over. Or is it? On Thursday, the ACLU proudly announced that it's suing Betsy DeVos to reverse her new guidelines and revert to the "Dear Colleague" standard: Education Secretary Betsy DeVos' revised federal guidelines on how sexual assault allegations should be handled on college and K-12 campuses are the target of a federal...(Read Full Post)
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