Some state governments vindictively using all tools at their disposal to ruin lives of lockdown resisters

We are witnessing a shocking level of evil as tyrannical leaders inflict maximum harm to citizens trying to survive by reopening their businesses.

As most readers know by now, Karl Manke, the barber in Michigan who defied state orders and opened his business, has since had his business license revoked. The witch of a governor would not tolerate his freedom to work, and one way or another she was determined to put an end to it.

Most recently in Oregon, salon owner Lindsey Graham opened her business in defiance of the lockdown. She soon found herself the object of multiple investigations involving numerous state agencies. She was fined $14,000 and has been threatened with having her business license revoked and the licenses revoked for all the hair stylists who work there (which would make it impossible for them to work anywhere in the state in their profession).

The government’s determination to subjugate Graham has been relentless and now involves Child Protective Services. Townhall reports:

"And, if you can possibly believe this, on May 7th, Child Protective Services showed up at my home," she said, taking a deep breath while holding back tears. "They questioned my husband and I. They questioned my child, without me present. They searched our home. And I've never expected such a violent, aggressive, vindictive thing ever could have been done to me or my family because I'm trying to earn a living, because I'm trying to work." 


Graham stated it is a completely false claim, noting that CPS is wasting their time while abused children in real need are being denied services.

Despite the onslaught of punishments the state is inflicting upon her, Graham is determined to remain open for as long as she can, despite her fear of potential consequences because there is no choice at this point. 

"I've worked my whole life to build the businesses that I've built and they want to take away my entire right to do that," Graham explained. 

"I feel persecuted by Kate Brown herself because she's governing these agencies. She's allowing them to target me and, if not, requesting them to target me because every agency she has underneath her has come at me at this point," the owner said. 


"I believe that if she would let her people work and earn a living and let us do it safely and let us be adults, consenting adults that know how to take of ourselves and take care of each other. We're humans. We have compassion for each other. We're gonna look out for each other. We know how to do that," Graham said. "If she would just allow us to do that – I don't want anyone to get sick. I know you guys don't want anyone to get sick, but I also don't want to go bankrupt and lose everything I've worked for. So let's be active, mature, caring, sensitive to other people. Let's open our business and be conscious. Let's all be able to maintain our livelihood. If she would let us do that there would be no issue."

It’s shocking that this is happening all across our country. It’s disgusting that any American should have to beg to be able to work, be punished for doing so, or feel grateful because the government “allowed” them to.

We are all deplorables now and the state means to drive millions of lives into the ground with vindictive, punitive, cruel abuses of power. I no longer recognize my country and fear for our future, which, perhaps is here.

Graphic credit: YouTube screen grab