Safe elections? Postal worker busted for mail-in ballot fraud

Just as the left attempts to sell us on the idea of solid mail-in voting for all future elections in the wake of the coronavirus, out comes the first arrest for mail-in ballot fraud. According to the Washington Times' Stephen Dinan: Federal prosecutors on Tuesday lodged mail-fraud charges against a postal worker they say altered absentee ballot requests in last month's primary election. Thomas Cooper, 47, admitted to changing information on the requests for ballots — including five where he switched the party primary from Democrat to Republican, according to investigators. He told them it was a joke. The charges were announced the same day that President Trump renewed his attack on mail-in voting, saying it was "asking for fraud." That would be those same "ballot applications" rather than ballots the press was so eager to scold President Trump for warning about just a few days ago regarding Michigan's governor's...(Read Full Post)
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