Press covers for Joe Biden in bitter wake of 'you ain't black' fallout

With his 'you ain't black' warning to black people who don't want to vote for him, Joe Biden, the candidate the Democratic establishment picked because he was supposedly the guy who could bring in the black vote, once again revealed his racism, and the fallout is ugly. And it's telling that the press is trying to cover for him by keeping it out of the news.

Here's how bad it was:

"If you have a problem figuring out whether you're for me or for Trump, then you ain't black," Biden said, in the same nasty aggressive tone he used to snarl at the Iowa farmer he challenged to a pushup contest and called fat. 

The fallout on Twitter was explosive, and it's still going like rings on a mushroom cloud as I write this:

 Here's are some retorts from black voters:

Why is this so disgusting in itself? First, it's presumptuous, demonstrating that Democrats clearly take black voters for granted, which is what Joe seemingly addresses. But it's also racist, because it attempts to nullify black people's right to think for themselves and make choices, something Biden doesn't tell whites. Third, as Kevin Williamson noted, the black accent was creepy, too, something seemingly reserved by white Democrats to throw at only black people: Imagine Biden going into the gay community and pitching them for votes in a stereotypical gay cadence, or going to, say, a Korean-American community event and trying to win their votes by imitating their immigrant accents.) Only blacks get this treatment from Democrats, which is yet another reason to view it as racist.

It's also exceptionally opaque of Joe, too. How long has this argument been going on? I first heard it during the Clarence Thomas/Anita Hill hearings, chaired by none other than Creepy Joe Biden on the television, back when I lived in San Francisco. The issue came up in the lefty circles I knew in the Mission District as well as in the plummy academic environs of U.C. Santa Cruz - did black people have a right to think for themselves or not? Most lefties I knew at the time were actually were willing to give it a 'yes but,' rather than a 'no.' They knew that to say 'no' was a really bad look. Joe of course, was oblivious.

Here's the view of a bigfoot in the Black community, BET billionaire Robert Johnson, a guy only a stupid person would cross:


Think of how puny and disgusting Biden must look to self-made-against-all-odds success story Johnson, telling him he needs to vote a certain way, or else his entire story and all he did to make it is null, whitey having the last word once again. Johnson must view him as a pinworm.

Charlemagne Tha God looked flabbergasted, too, and for good reason. Talk like that is racist, the real kind. And most racists like to conceal it, but Joe is so out-of-it he doesn't, he doesn't even know it's racism. Charlemagne, though, is a kind of truth detector, toxic to phonies, so he knows for sure. He's the same guy who unwittingly exposed Kamala Harris as a fraud over her 'I'm Jamaican' (so I smoke pot) thang, prompting a disgusted response from her very proper Jamaican father who knew she knew better, and worse still for her, drew attention to her vicious record as a prosecutor, throwing low-level pot offenders into prison and not letting them out even when their terms ended, (the better to use their cheap labor to fight wildfires). All that, as she was tokin' up a good time herself. That pretty well finished her off when Tulsi Gabbard brought it up at one of the Democratic Party debates.

Now it's Joe Biden turn and the fallout is even more pluming. Biden was the guy put forth by Democrats -- against a huge field of contenders -- as the guy to support because he's the guy who could bring in the black vote. He was President Obama's vice president. Now that he's been exposed as a racist, why is he there at all - why not a guy like Pete Buttigieg, who may not be drawing in black voters but he sure as heck doesn't insult them. Biden's going to lose votes over this, raising questions as to why he's there at all. He might even get booted form the Democratic nomination slot come summer because a lot of people are being turned off.

Which signals that it's a strange thing that the network are doing all they can to keep this exploding political wildfire with smoke everyone can see, out of the news. Nothing to see here. The nets covered the Biden 'apology' and moved on, but Twitter keeps going and going. Twitter has since marked the matter as 'sensitive' which means it's looking to censor the issue, too. 

A little nuance from this observer:

Fascinating to watch how the left-leaning cable networks have covered Biden’s “you ain’t black” comment.

MSNBC has discussed it nearly every hour, including a lengthy tough interview between @ChuckTodd@KatyTurNBC and Symone Sanders (clip below).

CNN hasn’t mentioned it once.

— Steve Krakauer (@SteveKrak) May 22, 2020

MSNBC is the Bernie Sanders Network, and has a small audience, so they'll have at it. Not so, CNN, not so the mainstream networks ABC, CBS, NBC. Nobody's covering the fallout. There were brief mentions of Joe's supposed apology on the networks (he called his statement 'cavalier' which sounded pretty detached and weird, hardly a real apology, given the problematic nature of it.

Yet by and large, this is not an issue to the bigger networks, despite an explosion of Twitter traffic and voter interest, and despite the mainstream media's long-held fascination with finding racism under every rock to support a 'narrative.' That phony '1619' invented history from the New York Times hit all the right narrative notes, which is why it got a Pulitzer. And more important from a breaking news perspective, Biden's statement is going to cost him votes. That's not a story to them?

Yet they don't want to say anything.

Which tells you that for them, they're in the sack with Democrats. Politics supersedes their proclaimed primacy of race. Black people are only of interest to the press so long as they vote Democrat. And if an avalanche of black votes move away from the Democrats as a result of this gaffe, they're somehow not going to notice.

If this doesn't discredit them along with Joe himself, what does? They're exposed as shills from this coverup.






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