Pigs at the trough: California Assembly wants more for itself at Asian-Americans' expense

California's far-left state Legislature has found the coronavirus a useful crisis indeed and isn't letting it go to waste.

Now the legislators have decided that the coronavirus merits repealing a 1996 popular-will law, Proposition 209, which prohibits affirmative action in college admissions, state hiring, and state contracts.  Way back in 1996, California's voters of all colors had decided the idea had run its course and passed Proposition 209 to get rid of it.

Today, the legislative elites claim that disparate COVID-19 caseloads among black and Latino groups compared to others is proof that the practice needs to be brought back.  State assembly bill ACA-5 is a bid to bring back strict racial bean-counting in contracting, public hiring, and college admissions by altering the state's constitution.  To heck with what the voters thought. 

Asian-Americans are seeing right through it, and as with other measures, they know who's really targeted. 

Asian-Americans have launched a change.org petition to persuade the state's legislative overlords to not pass this measure and at last count, they've got 26,000 signatures.

The 14th Amendment of the US Constitution clearly states that no state shall deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of its laws. ACA-5 re-introduces racial [preferences], still a form of racial discrimination, into the state law. Therefore, it violates the US Constitution. It will divide California and pit one group of citizens against another simply based on their race, sex, color, ethnicity or national origin. It will minimize the accomplishments of minority groups to a simple result of preferential treatment, a blow to their extraordinary hard work and sacrifice.

We hereby strongly urge you to vote NO on ACA-5!

This makes sense, because to claim that black people are suddenly being oppressed again by whites is comical, given that the state is already minority-majority, and its polyglot culture extends way beyond presumably oppressed black people, for whom the idea had originally been introduced.  With a state loaded with immigrants, including Latinos, Chinese, Indians, Iranians, Africans, and Arabs, it's kind of laughable to claim that black people need special protections.  People don't move to places where race-based oppression is operative against people of their own color.

This is part of a long line of state efforts to stomp out Asians who are successful with no affirmative action privileges and disempower them.  The ballot-harvesting that went on in 2018 largely disenfranchised Asian-American voters and knocked out some clear Asian-American winners in Orange County races.  The issue of homeless-dumping largely plagued Asian-American neighborhoods in Irvine, Calif., and also was in Orange County.  There also are the controversies around admission to the University of California, which has left Asian-Americans with the short end of the stick.

The new move is indicative of some kind of twisted power flip.  The characters introducing the measure are all supposedly oppressed minorities who somehow got elected to high office and tremendous power and big salaries, despite all the oppression supposedly going on, which kind of looks ridiculous.

The bill's godmother is longtime left-wing lawyer Eva Paterson, who's been cozy with San Francisco's communist groups for decades and served as the mentor to one Van Jones.  You can read about that here.

The bill's co-sponsor is Lorena Gonzalez, the economically illiterate state assemblywoman whose previous claim to fame was AB-5, the bill that killed off all opportunity for California's independent contractors, handing that to contractors in other states.  She's also the far-left clown who bellowed "F--- you!" to the state's last remaining car-maker, Elon Musk, who vowed to leave the state because he couldn't get his manufacturing operations out of coronavirus lockdown.  Other state lawmakers tiptoed around that one and quickly made a deal to keep Musk, an emblem of the state's progressive green policies, happy.  Not economically illiterate Lorena.  She let fly with the four-letter words.  Here's a quote from her that hasn't aged well:

"I'm a product of Affirmative Action. Without it, I wouldn't be where I am today," said Assemblymember Lorena Gonzales (D-San Diego). "I believe every qualified person from an underrepresented community in California should have the same opportunity I had."

Maybe you don't want to say that too loudly, Lorena.

In the past, affirmative action was arguably brought on by the grassroots to win redress from the top.  Now it's the radical leftists at the top who are shoving an old medieval outdated bean-counting system onto the newcomers at the bottom.

If affirmative action is so important to these leftists, maybe they can institute some in their own Legislature, where Asian-American female representation is 0.8% compared to their numbers representing about 8% of the voting-age population, according to this chart.

Better still, maybe they can institute affirmative action on California Democrats, who make up 43% of the voters, but 75% of the Legislature.  Time to cut that back, boys.

Bottom line is, this is pigs at the trough, people who already have power and who now want more of it.  The Asian-American bid to stop it probably won't succeed by petition, not with this bunch.  Maybe they can now focus on voting these creeps out of office.

Image credit: Needpix public domain.

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